Working as a Network Development Officer at the University of Bolton, my main role is software deployment while as a team we are responsible for managing and developing the university’s network, phone systems, server infrastructure and apparently anything else that beeps or flashes.

One responsibility left mainly to me is the deployment of software to 2000+ desktops and making sure they all run smoothly. Once, this meant just MSI repackaging and group policy deployment. Now it includes application virtualization, MS Configuration Manager and Windows Imaging.

Besides that, I also like fiddling with php, javascript, perl, VB and bash scripts, and developing solutions that make things run better. Including making my own working life a little easier! Of course, at the same time keeping up with my team’s firefighting tasks.

See my projects page to see some of the things I’ve done. Sometimes I put projects on here because I thing they need to be shared. Sometimes just so I can remember what I’ve done myself.