I’ve managed to hand over my part in the Moodle-to-university-systems integration over to some real developers, which leaves me with the media server.
Kaltura (http://www.kaltura.org) do an open-source Community Edition, which looks promising.
First impressions are rubbish, because it’s only in beta and took about 10 attempts to install. Second impressions are brilliant – there’s a flash-based video editor, it has an admin console with moderation, tagging, transcoding profile, etc.
Just what we wanted. Even a moodle plugin. But that, in keeping with the rest of the offering, doesn’t work yet.

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  1. Jonathan |

    Thanks,I certainly can, it was a lot of work and I have to say it is very rudetinmary right now, but the core functionality is there.One of the things I am trying to do is to convert the .sh files to .bat files without touching the real core of the api. So far I’ve got it up and running, with most of the major functionality working but not fully tested. The hardest part so far has been getting the analytics up and running, the batch scheduling took me awhile to figure out, but over the weekend I think I figured it out.My major goal would be to make it run on a pure IIS system, but right now my concern is to figure out the ins and outs of the application before trying a major task like that.Any way stay tuned I plan on making a full report of my progress when I get a little further ahead, and would love to get a public review of my modifications.One question for you too, I can’t find any documentation on this, when creating a publisher what does the usage package represent ie (n/a, Kaltura Free .)Cheers

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