Moodle installed


So Moodle is installed on the new server. For those of you that are interested, here are the server specs:

Dell PowerEdge R610 – 4x quad-core 2.5GHz Xeon, 16Gb RAM Running Windows Server 2003 x64

3 x Mirrored 300Gb Disks (6 disks total)

– System disk partitioned to 100Gb for Windows & Progfiles, 200Gb for Logs

– Database stored on 2nd Disk (F)

– Htdocs (www root) stored on 3rd logical disk (G)

– Moodledata will be stored on our SAN (awaiting HBA for connection) Apache 2.2.13 (Win32) PHP 5.3.0 VC6 Thread-safe MySQL Server 5.1 x64 Moodle 1.9.5+ (Build 20090916) installed.


Apache runs as a separate user not ‘SYSTEM’.


Work is in progress setting up automatic importing of courses and roles. We will have a local database fed from our student records and timetabling systems and will use the External Database enrolments feature to enrol both students and staff on login, followed by a custom-made periodic script to move courses to separate logical categories.

The database will also have information on course timetabling, which we hope to present on the My Moodle page alongside course listings.

I’ve also made a small modification to the way Moodle handles photos, adding a couple of PHP functions in weblib.php which fetch a user’s picture from our systems and save it to moodle the first time a user’s picture is required. The rest of the avatar handling remains in-tact.

We’ll be setting up a Flash media server alongside the Moodle server for staff to use as a video repository. I hope to write a simple Moodle plugin / module to allow uploading of media to the server from within Moodle then we’ll have the Mediaplugins filter enabled for embedding.

Apart from the MyMoodle page and plugins (including a Talis plugin for reading lists), the other thing that will require work is the course template for automatically-created courses. We want students to have each course as a useful tool for interaction with fellow course members and for organising themselves, even if their tutor has not yet put any content on.

So, what do you think ?