Sequencing AutoCAD


AutoCAD has been an interesting beast to sequence to App-V so far. I’ve installed .NET 3.5 on the local machine before sequencing, as recommended on XP. I’ve monitored the installer and installed it to Q, but was having problems running AutoCAD prior to stopping monitoring.

Windows Installer 3 gives the error: “This action is only valid for products that are currently installed,” which is an interesting one to get when you’ve just installed the thing. Apparently, this is either due to shortcuts pointing to the wrong place, or reboot requests not having been processed yet. In my case, it was just the shortcut. Running acad.exe from the Q:\installation dir worked fine. If the installer tells you that you need to reboot, clicking ‘Stop Monitoring’ processes the reboot tasks and makes the program think you’ve rebooted. You can then Start Monitoring again and do a first run.

The next interesting error comes on testing the package. AutoCAD tries to use Windows Installer to repair itself and then says:

"This version of AutoCAD was not installed properly and some features may not run correctly. You should reinstall AutoCAD immediately to make sure all features are working properly."

That doesn’t look good to end users. A technet discussion here points to this problem being that Docs & Settings\Administrator\Local Settings is excluded from the sequencer monitoring list, and the contents can’t be replaced. I’m now trying again (6th install today) to see if deleting the exclusion helps!

So, what do you think ?